Being enrolled in exibart prize now allows you to have an even larger space!

In addition to the 9 artworks in the competition, you will be able to manage your entire artistic production:

  • Organize it into sections.

  • Organize it by periods.

From this edition onward, all participants in the prize will have a dedicated email address to seek consultations and obtain responses related to their artistic activities on legal, fiscal, and commercial matters.

The same email address can also be used to submit press releases for exhibitions and activities carried out by the artist. These press releases will be sent to our editorial team, who will evaluate them for potential publication on

To access the service, click on the “talk to us” menu item, and if you are already registered for the award, you can request consultations or submit your press releases.

Prizes and Benefits

Prizes and benefits for the winner

€10,000 as the acquisition of an artwork chosen by the artist, which will become part of exibart’s collection and will be used for the cover of an issue of exibart onpaper. Inside the issue, there will be an in-depth article and an interview with the winner. A withholding tax will be applied to the prize as required by law.
€5,000 in the form of an advertising bonus that the artist can use, with no expiration date, to promote their exhibitions and events.
Production and commercialization of an artist multiple.
The winner will be invited to theme the exibart booth at one of the main art fairs attended by exibart
The artist will have the right to be featured in the book “222 Emerging Artists to Invest In” published periodically by exibart editions.
The artist will be featured on an exclusive cover of exibart on Paper in the special edition of one of the main art fairs attended by exibart, accompanied by an interview.
The work of the winning artist will be included in the prestigious digital catalog of the finalists, providing unique visibility and the opportunity to be discovered by a wide audience of art enthusiasts.

Benefits for artists ranked in the top positions

If you are among the top 10 ranked, you will have the opportunity to participate in a prestigious group exhibition organized at the exibart headquarters. This exhibition serves as an exceptional platform to showcase your work alongside other talented artists, offering you increased visibility and the opportunity to connect with collectors, curators, and industry professionals.
The top 5 ranked will have the right to be published in “222 Emerging Artists to Invest In”.
If you are among the top 10 ranked, your work will be included in the prestigious digital catalog of the finalists, which will be widely circulated online and provide a significant platform for visibility for your art.
If you are among the top 10 ranked, you will receive a free registration for the next edition of the prize. This will allow you to participate in the competition again without having to pay any registration fees.

Benefits for all participants

You will have a dedicated and carefully indexed page on the exibart prize website, where you can present your artistic work in detail. This page will be easily accessible to visitors, collectors, and industry professionals, offering you a valuable opportunity for visibility and promotion.
You will receive a free subscription to exibart onpaper digital, allowing you to access all exclusive content, articles, reviews, and updates published on the platform. You will stay informed about the latest developments in the world of contemporary art, expanding your knowledge and enriching your artistic experience.
You will have the opportunity to be interviewed and featured in a special article on This interview will provide you with a privileged platform to share your artistic vision, creative process, and influences, allowing art enthusiasts to discover your work in a comprehensive and engaging way.
You will be given a dedicated editorial space on Exibart, where you will have the opportunity to present your artistic work in a detailed and in-depth manner. This space will provide a privileged platform for expressing your creative vision, sharing your experiences, and connecting with an enthusiastic art audience. It will be a unique opportunity to showcase your voice and talent.
Dedicated web information line.

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