How the prize works

Joining exibart prize N4  is easy!

Simply register on the site, pay the enrolment fee, create and manage your personal page.

Once you have set up your page, you can take part in the competition by activating the “ON AIR” button and the panel will start rating you.

Why pay an enrolment fee?

Simply because managing the platform has costs and so does the prize.

Artists who are unable to afford the registration fees can email and request to join for free. The applicants also need to include a brief biography and three examples of their work.

All you have to do is join and activate the ON AIR button on your personal page. Then the jury will monitor all the pages and make their assessments.

You will also be able to update your personal page if you wish.

Each artist can upload up 9 works and change or replace them whenever they want.

exibart prize is a prize that rates the artist and all his/her related work.

To improve your chances of being acknowledged, you can also upload a presentation video as well as biographical details. This would be useful to provide the jury with a better understanding of your work.

Each artist’s page is likely to be visited several times throughout the rating process. This will be done by one or more judges.

Being active in the community and receiving more likes for your work will not affect the final decision, but could help to increase visibility and visits by galleries and members of the jury.

The final result will be based on an average of overall marks rather than the total. Whether you receive 10 or 100 votes will not affect the final decision. Those who apply early or at the last minute have an equal chance of winning.

The minimum number of valid votes will be 10. One for each member of the panel. 10 out of 10 positive ratings will place the artist in the finals. This means any artist can become a finalist at any stage during the rating process.

All artists in the finals will be flagged in the finalist section, the news section and on exibart social pages

Choosing the winner

During the rating process, the editors will immediately publish the names of the artists in the finals in the “finalists” section.
All the finalists will be included in a dedicated issue entitled “exibart prize N4” edited in Italian and English, and distributed by exibart.edizioni.
A new panel of judges, made up of curators, collectors, critics, journalists and artists will decide on the winner of exibart prize N4.

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