exibart prize is dedicated to art in all its variations. Categories include: illustrations, designs, paintings, graphics, digital art, photography, sculpture. Most other art categories not explicitly mentioned will also be admitted.

To take part in the exibart prize 2020 applicants must be registered on the exibart.prize website, publish up to 9 pieces of artwork on their personal page and pay the fees.


  • The competition aims to promote Italian and international contemporary art. The prize will not go to an artwork, but will be dedicated to the artist. Judges will rate the artists’ work and their personal journey.


  • The prize is open to all kinds of artists, irrespective of age or qualifications.
  • The artwork presented for the prize does not have to be new or adhere to a particular style or subject matter.


Selection will take place in three phases

  • Phase 1: the panel will be made up of members of the exibart editing team, who will select the finalists.
  • Phase 2: the finalists selected by the exibart panel will be published in a dedicated exibart issue.
  • Phase 3: a new panel of judges will be formed to judge the finalists and determine the winner.


exibart prize 2020 Winner

  • 10,000.00 euro in cash in exchange for an artwork of the winning artist’s choice.
  • 5,000.00 euro bonus adv, that the artist can use within an unlimited time limit to promote his/her shows and events, using any of the exibart editorial group platforms.
  • exibart will produce and commercialize a multiple for the artist to the sale value of 50,000.00 euro (gross sale value to the public of the entire production of multiples. For example 500 euros for 100 pcs). The artist will receive royalty fees equivalent to 40% on total sales.
  • One of the artist’s works, selected by the exibart panel, will be used for the front cover of an issue of exibart.onpaper and will include an interview and profile of the artist.
  • The work acquired by exibart will be used to create a cover of the exibart onpaper magazine with an article and an interview dedicated to the winning artist.
  • exibart will produce a personal show for the artist in partnership with an important art gallery or within an institutional space.
  • The artist will be published in the exibart.prize general catalogue which will contain all the finalists selected by the exibart panel
  • The artist will be asked to take part in setting up the exibart stand at the Artissima fair in 2021.
  • The winner will be assigned the title of exibart ambassador and will be entitled to a permanent dialogue and special relationship with the exibart group.
  • The winner will create and sign the prize that will be given to the next winning artist in the next competition


Enrolment for the competition will be until 23:59:59 on 22 December 2020. The exibart.prize general catalogue containing all the finalists will be published by 22 January 2021.

By 22 February 2021 the judging panel of experts will announce the winner in the first edition of exibart.prize 2020


The deadline for joining is 30 days before the prize closing date. All those enrolling after this date will automatically be included in the next competition.

  • Online enrolment. Uploading of artworks, texts, captions, fees, etc take place within the personal account on the website.
  • The cost for participating in the exibart prize 2020 is 85,40 euros.
  • Those unable to pay the fees for economical reasons should apply by email to prize@exibartprize.com to request free enrolment, attaching their biography and three photographs of their work.
  • For all students attending art academies and art schools the enrolment fee is 48,80 euros. In this case the art academy or art school must be specified and will be verified by the panel.
  • exibart reserves the right to modify, at its sole discretion, the cost of registration fees for the prize and to be able to apply different prices for different categories of registrations. Moreover, it reserves the right if it deems necessary, to postpone closing date.


All payments must be in Euros, and transaction fees and commission fees cannot be charged to exibart. The artist’s name and surname as registered must be referenced in the reason for payment.

  • PayPal payments online

Directly via the website in the enrolments section.

  • Bank payments:

Exibartlab srl. Banco di Sardegna SPA

IBAN: IT05 K010 1503 2000000 7071 8411

Bic/Swift: SARDIT3S900


  • Transportation of the artist’s art work bought by exibartlab will be charged to exibartlab.


  • The artists have the right to maintain copyright for their work published online, but will allow exibartlab to use them for communication and promotion, to create the prize catalogue, for all the related promotional material and for publication on the exibart websites and platforms.
  • Any person or organization registered on the site is entirely responsible for the content of the visible material and written texts placed on the prize website. The organization reserves the right to remove all defamatory or obscene texts or images unless formally justified by the artist. The images of the artworks nominated for the Prize will remain visible online or in use and as such will form part of the entire visible documentation related to the Prize activity and cannot be removed.
  • Candidates authorise exibartlab and its delegates, to treat all personal data of the participating artist according to Law 675/96 (‘Privacy Law’) and successive modifications D.lgs. 196/2003 (Privacy Code), also for inclusion in the exibartlab database.

All disputes shall be subject to Italian Law.The organization/organizer has the right to upload personal date, images of artworks, and/or other works onto the site, during an event to promote the artist or themselves, for online promotional purposes, communications or marketing purposes, without specifically asking permission.

exibartlab srl reserves the right to modify the competition regulations if and whenever necessary.

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