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With artistic studies and a degree in architecture after years of professional activity from urban planning to design, he decides to leave the profession to devote himself to social and educational issues such as environmental protection through the use of waste materials, and create something "new" from something used.

With passion for graphics and interest in recycled materials, he focus on a method that takes advantage of materials discarded by society.

Since 2010 fight materials overproduction and composing graphic works by collecting abandoned materials on the street (surfaces, woods, papers)He faces consumerism and with the use of broken and imperfect materials, he fights against a society that tends to the individual omologation through a distorted concept of “perfection”.
Most artists don't care: How polluting the materials used to produce their art are, or where will they go when thrown away? Or burned?
For example in architecture, the construction process pays particular attention to where the materials will go after they are dismantled.There should be the same focus in general but even in the arts.
But instead we often continue to be concentrated only in the economic value of the material, in the economic value in production and in the economic value in sales. In a nutshell, the economic value of an art object outweighs the interest in how much this can do damage to the environment. it is a serious educational problem also because damage to the environment cannot be repaired with money but over time.
Graphic works combines an inlay of papers with drawings, altering between a balance of few artificial and natural elements or representing minimal shapes where colors are rarely used and most belong to the papers chosed.
The final result is combination of different layers and graphic effects.
Born in Naples in Italy, he works in Brussels where In addition to exhibiting, it undertakes to spread the principle of promoting reuse as an alternative method of construction through educational workshops for adults and children.
Protecting the environment is not a utopia, it is a choice.
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