Martina Taranto

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I consider myself a multipotential creative.
My language aims to generate visceral behavioural and ethical reactions.
Through narratives, I propose futures built on synergies, interactions fostered by storytelling, empathy through strong aesthetics.
Born and raised in Sicily, I’ve grown with and being influenced by the intense presence of natural, historical, folkloristic and mystical elements.
A primordial tacit culture, made of symbols, subtexts and unspoken emotions, permeated and shaped my creative sensibility.
I’m interested in investigating and envisioning a world built on tangible materiality and delicate symbolic messages.
Cultural and contextual awareness is what I try to build before and after any design exercise.
My art and design vision is holistic, and emerges from a background that combines a range of disciplines, from energy engineering to philosophy. My work and training gravitate towards the necessity to find a compromise and a fluid dialogue between knowledge, humanity and the environment.
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