erector vesevo

erector vesevo
categoria Pittura
soggetto Astratto
tags leduc, gallery, astratto, vesevo
base 130 cm
altezza 150 cm
profondità 3 cm
anno 2019
Strive for nothingness
New equations in physics show that
there is no such a thing as a void space:
the void does not at all equal to being
empty, and nothingness does not at all
equal to being nothing. Nothingness is
a combination of matter and antimatter
– of particles and antiparticles – that
disintegrate one another: billions
of billions of particles appear and
disappear in a millionth of an instant.
The void is an infinite disorientation,
a stirring force full of energy of which
however we are unable to make any
recognition, believing this to be the true
nature of nothingness.
Pierre-Yves Le Duc’s production tends
towards nothingness – towards the void
– in two ways: by repeating the sign and
by effacing it.
The first strategy leads to obliterating
the emotional component of the work of
art: each repetition filters one portion of
the previous sign and paves the way for
the next one which is increasingly nonexistent.
The second strategy, that of
effacement – black on black, white on
white – takes matter and image away
from the eye of the beholder: it cancels,
or rather conceals, reality.
Both strategies yield nothingness: a
nothingness that is full (full of different
repetitions, or of hidden parts), a
nothingness that is stirred by energy,
by matter and antimatter, by black
and white, by life and death. We too
– for we too are composed of void
and nothingness – vibrate and feel
disoriented in the presence of Pierre-
Yves’ artwork.
Diego Lama

3 acrylic on canvas
(180x220 cm)
2 mixed media
with silk veil
(130x150 cm)
1 mixed media
with silk veil
(130x160 cm)
16 oil on paper Canson
Arches acquarello 640 gr
(105x155 cm)
198 ink on paper
acquarello Fabriano
(23x30,5 cm)
Pierre-Yves Le Duc
Pittore, Artista, Napoli
Foto del Profilo
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