categoria Installazione
soggetto Astratto
tags installazione, astratto , leduc
base 129 cm
altezza 115 cm
profondità 3 cm
anno 2004
installation composed
in an almost totally dark
space and consisting of
three elements:
a table made of one
hundred Indian ink
panels lit from behind
by one hundred neon
bulbs, hanging from an
aluminium-lithium frame;
a bronze sculpture
mounted like a flag on a
steel cable within a steel
frame, lit in silouhette by
a HMI Kw 5 zenith light;
a background.soundtrack
the table panels of cm
115x129 are made a
réserve with Indian ink
on g 300 hand-made
Arches paper. They
are mounted between
two mm3 glass panes
framed by an “L” shaped
steel edge. The panels
hang from a supporting
frame wrapped in fireproof
blackout curtains.
The supporting frame
can be modified to suit
the characteristics of
the exhibition venue or
eliminated by fixing the
panels directly onto the
the sculpture (Dieu sait
quoi) is made of black
coated bronze, the
supporting cable and
structure are made of
Pierre-Yves Le Duc
Pittore, Artista, Napoli
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