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Mostra30 Mar 2025
My name is Perla, I'm an artist from Bologna (Italy).

My multimedia work, which consists of video art works, performances and podcasts, is focused on the search of Eros as a vital force and on the understanding of how Eros is a central and liberating element for people's lives.

My works arise from my theatrical experience, from the study of literature and from the conscious choise to explore Eros in all its form in private life.

Drawing on my theatrical experience prior to the birth of the "Perla project", treading the stages of countries with very different cultures, from Italy and the United States to Japan and Iran, I use seemingly chaotic images, sounds and montages to stimulate the viewer, catching anyone expecting a banal series of explicit images totally off guard, who instead find themselves amazed, sometimes shaken, in their search for an interpretation that can be nothing if not personal, and above all different for each of us.

Since 2017 I have been creating the podcast "I Racconti di Perla on YouTube" ("Perla's tales"), in which I share Eros by talking about erotic literature, artistic works and social themes, collaborating with some independent Italian radio stations (Radio Città del Capo, RVL LaRadio).

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