Pier Alfeo

Digital artist, Sound designer, Artista
Foto del profilo di Pier Alfeo
Through his artistic practice, Pier Alfeo investigates cognitive and pathological problems caused by the intense relationship between human beings and automation systems in contemporary societies. His multimedia installations, sound sculptures and electronic musical compositions put the repetitiveness of mechanical-algorithmic automation systems under tension with the unpredictability of chaos. In this way, the rigid regularity of serial systems is interrupted and deconstruct from the inside, generating new configurations of meaning. Within these processes, sound acts in an organic way as a destabilizing and healing element at the same time, emerging with its irregular expressiveness.

Pier alfeo (aka Dubit) is a composer and sound artist working with electronic music, currently studying Composition, Musical Informatics and Multimedia at the Conservatoire of Bari.
His practice as composer currently range from electronic music pieces, immersive audiovisual performance, sound sculptures and visual works related to sound agency. After living in many cities in Italy, he moved to Berlin where he acquired a wide recognition as a music performer by collaborating for various record labels, organising events and performing at International events and festivals across the European countries and outside, such as Italy, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Cyprus, Serbia, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Kenya; sharing the stage with artists such as Robert Henke, Fennesz, Rashad Becker and many others.
In 2019, he presented his first solo show “Incisione su Silenzio” at the Doppelgaenger Gallery in Bari. Between 2018 and 2020 he received the honorable mention for “Interferences Quartet” at the MA / IN Matera Intermedia Festival, has also been the “National Prize of Art 2019” section “Electronic Art”, the awarder piece featured in the exhibition PNA2019 and FISAD2019 at the Albertina Academy of Turin.
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