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Tommaso Canessa was born in Florence during the night of 11/12/1999.
He works and study in Milan, Italy.
He attended the scientific high school Castelnuovo for the first two years, and for the rest of the years he attended the Leon Battista Alberti high school in Florence, where he studied sculpture for three years.
During the same years, more less between 15 an 18, he worked as an assistant for a Florentine sculptor and jeweler, Alessandro Gaggio (Head Designer of Valentino's high fashion line for 10 years, participating in the realization of an exhibition of sculptures and jewels).
In 2018 he worked for Mus.e in Firenze, located in Palazzo Vecchio, where he worked for six months as an assistant and as a teacher of fresco techniques.
As well he kept many different courses all around many others Florentine museums, like at Museo del 900 ', Palazzo Bardini, Cappella Brancacci and many more.
He is now attending the third year of Painting departement at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, and since 2019 he lives in Milan.
His work reflects the way he perceive the art world in intimacy and in a global way, the historic and artistic idead he has about the contemporary society, using at the same time the knowledge of the history of modern art and even earlier, up to the ancient Greece and the same art in the caves.
The works He's now working on are made of a narrative nature, in the sense that they attempt to tell a story or more precisely, to impress an image; an image of the perfection of a world that almost no longer belongs to the contemporary frenzy. A world of “bathers”, who calmly and calmly savor the pleasure of being alive through the beauties they themselves create, such as music, painting, fire, sculpture, food and social cerimonies.
Speaking of "technicalities" .. he makes use of a painting that refers as well to symbolism and expressionism. A figuration that is combined with a strong interest in making the pictorial material vibrant, with few levels of depth and vigorous brushstrokes, with predominantly colors tending towards red and shady earths and the play of light obtained from the precious blues.
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