Elisa Capucci

Scultore, Artista
Foto del profilo di Elisa Capucci
Elisa Capucci is an Italian Visual Artist born in 1998. She currently lives and works in Bologna, Italy. Elisa’s work investigates the problem of space as a body – container and how to exploit it.
In the studio, space is explored through Elisa’s own sculptural practice up to a more theoretical study on nowdays’ terrestrial superstructures, built for human hyper- convenience. The artist response is to narrate this using a personal filter, sculpting the consequences linked to the fusion between organic beings and our unstoppable industrialization. A particular interest is also dedicated to words and language, especially to the new parlance we need to explain our era.
The artist's work doesn't stop in her personal research, in fact, Elisa is very observant and passionate about the artistic scene around her, she therefore founded an independent project for artistic research called HIDDEN GARAGE (  https://hidden-garage.com/     ).
The project was born from the need to generate a network of exchanges and relationships between artists. A self-managed space that refuse the canonical and obsolete exhibition mediums to give life to an active and fresh environment.
Elisa's research also ends up (and sometimes starts) in writing, she is therefore working on her personal latest research, called Neo-Genius Loci, a Genius that keeps alive her artistic emergency and will hopefully end in a publication very soon.
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