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I am a contemporary Austrian artist, curator and landscape theorist. Born in Vienna, I studied philosophy, art history and painting at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Here I earned my doctorate in the field of landscape theory in 2011. My dissertation offers the first comprehensive review of the landscape-theoretical watercolors by Lucius Burckhardt. From 2005-2017, I did teach at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in the Department of Landscapedesign/art. My theoretical preoccupation with cultural-historical and ecological aspects of plants, gardens and landscapes fundamentally influences my artistic work.
In recent years I have focused on exploring structures such as thickets, embankments or overgrown slopes. Each project consists of a series of works on paper and canvas with a specific inspiration. My paintings build up layer upon layer, and since I'm working on many pieces at the same time, that can take years. New paintings are started unintentionally: some colored areas, patterns, overlays. Compositions are built up by overlapping layers of paint with the help of stencils and historic pattern rollers that I collected for the last twenty years. Over time, the layers entangle and certain atmospheres become perceptible. It is important to me to keep the random, accidental, and inappropriate visible, like spots and graffiti-like fragments, left-overs and stray lines. Words and patterns rely on repetition, like magic spells. In my works, I connect research in fields as mythology, feminism or ecology with individuality, emotion and beauty. Together, these structures evoke ambiguous natural sceneries I am interested in, familiar and alien at the same time.
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