cleanse yourself, please

cleanse yourself, please
categoria Installazione
soggetto Astratto
tags installazione, astratto
base 260 cm
altezza 260 cm
profondità 5 cm
anno 2010
This is the first time in the history of
mankind that human beings deliberately
poison their children and their children’s
children. In this state of affairs, with a
true environmental catastrophe taking
place, I propose that each of us do a
personal cleansing through an inner
aesthetic experience. The artist thus
takes on symbolically the function of a
spiritual guide who is persuaded that
art and culture can improve mankind.
The intent is to place the accent on our
responsibilities and on our actions,
which are incompatible with our
This work has the appearance of a
suspended cube-shaped cranium that
visitors can only enter by bowing. The
external walls, which are totally black,
do not allow visitors a view of the inside
of the cube. Once there, they will find
themselves bathed in an absolute pure
and white space, while at the same time
being amongst four facades. These
depict skulls that are manifest even in
the absence of pictorial matter, and are
a cleansed and uncontaminated mental
realm … for us to face.
pierre-yves le duc

mixed media on canvas
4 canvases
(260x260 cm)
Pierre-Yves Le Duc
Pittore, Artista, Napoli
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